Dear Dad,

21 06 2011

I wanted to give you what you give me:

The strength and inspiration to be;

The support and foundation to dream,

With a hope that all failures will be redeemed.

My hero since the day we first met,

Super in all ways – nothing but the best.

In this way you’ll always be,

Your living legacy left in me.

Happy Father's Day!


Original Poetry from a GIRL WHO ROCKS!

17 05 2011

By far, the coolest part about emceeing She’s the First Poetry Month is the chance to see all the hidden poetic talents of some already remarkable individuals. We have been sharing poetry from our girls in Nepal and India, and on Tuesday we shared the original poetry by one of our researcher at She’s the First, Arianna Davis.

Today, we are spotlighting an original poem written by Jill Diedrich, the Communications Officer for GIRLS WHO ROCK. Be sure to check out Jill’s debut on the GIRLS WHO ROCK blog. Jill, thank you for your submission!

Want to be featured next? Send your original poem submissions or favorites from the classics to

Soul for Thought

Often we lay entwined to other realms of thought,
To escape the life we were brought.

Until the time comes when you decide what you want for the moment:
You strive for it and live it.
Life is about living,
Finding your everything.
Loving your surroundings,

And appreciating the poundings.
Discovering your self-worth from all that has occurred since birth.
Make a difference and enjoy doing it.
Just be happy and make the world a better place,
And never turn your back on the human race.

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The Only Thing Certain

4 02 2011

Today I found my journal from high school, which contains some written entries, but mostly poems.  Like I said, poems come to me when life gets emotional, and we all know high school was an emotional time.  Or shall we just say a hormonal time?  Jokes.  Anyways, I will be posting my old school poems sporadically until I post them all.  Here is my very first poem of my beloved journal:

 Written at 10:38 p.m. on Sunday, January 11, 2004 (which just so happens to be my Mother’s birthday)

The Only Thing Certain

Who knew time would fly?

Who knew you wouldn’t feel any different?

That growing up would produce a sigh?

The world is a sphere of irony.

It can’t be avoided or faced – it’s unexpected.

It comes alone at times, and at others with company.

When you feel exactly the same, yet completely changed.

When all you want to do is be you – no mask or screen.

Just stripped down to the true self that only wants to be seen.

The irony is, you have no idea how to escape your own fallacies.

Who are you? The end all of all inquiries.

Funny how the only thing holding you back is yourself,

And the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Where to go? Who to turn to? When

The Only Thing Certain is You.


Ironic, huh?  That I can relate to myself right now as a college senior exactly the same as when I was at the beginning of my high school years.  The only edit I made was to the last sentence; it ended with a question mark, and now ends with a period.  It’s not so much a question to me anymore as it is a truth.

To Grandpa, Our Knot

14 01 2011

Different ties, one string,

You’re the knot that brings us in.

I think of you and all I see,

Is all the strength you mean to me.

Come what may, you’ll never cease,

For in each of us you are a piece.

But not today, tomorrow, or the next,

For this is not the end of the quest.

I hope you know as we all see,

You’re the hope that lies in me.

A hope of love, life and family,

And, in God’s will, longevity.