A Summer’s Guide to Letting Go of Expectations

22 06 2011

Well I suppose it’s only natural I’d be itching to write something by the OFFICIAL first day of summer.  As I get ready for sleep, I’m treated to the steady pour of a much-needed Texas shower!

It’s creeping up on a month since I graduated, and I feel like I’ve just had time to dip my toe into the transition phase that can conveniently be described as SUMMER!  Most likely the last true summer of limited responsibilities I’ll ever have… unless I remain unemployed for a year…. *knock on wood* … no, not happening.

Although I make it sound like I have “limited responsibilities,” looking for my first full-time job out of college has been a bit daunting but also exciting.  I have already “networked” with many great people, and I have this knowing feeling that something will work out all in due time.  Of course this is also mixed in with the anxious feeling of WHEN?!

I have certain expectations of what I want to see happen, and yet I am glaringly open-minded.

Expectations are funny that way – in the sense that you can sometimes box yourself in with expectations.  If you dig deeper, you realize that you can only uphold the expectations of yourself – and even those can fail – and this isn’t always a bad thing.  Other people disappoint, you disappoint, and essentially life disappoints when you have expectations.

Leaving behind these expectations can allow you to think outside of pre-conceived notions and think bigger – or not even necessarily bigger – but think different – outside of the box you’ve made for yourself.  Big dreams are different from big expectations, because dreams are hoped for while expectations are just it – expected.  Never stop dreaming big, because dreaming is a process, and dreams do come true – just not always when you expect them.

On the other hand, what does having no expectations leave you?  Nothing.  No particular goals, no standards and nothing to measure your self-success.

Living with no expectations is against my genetic make-up.  Maybe I would enjoy living without them if I was mentally capable of it, but I know I’m not.  I will always have core expectations, especially when it comes to what I do with my days on a minimum 40-hour basis.

But in the spirit of THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER, rather than having my expectations guide me, I’m letting my expectations float alongside the opportunities that come my way.  I’ve officially opened my box of expectations to the unknown shape of a summer’s destiny.




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